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Нет двух правд, но есть две точки зрения на одну проблему. Мы представляем обе. И мы называем это объективностью. У новостей нет второй свежести, она может быть только одна. И мы называем это оперативностью. Не возможно манипулировать умным человеком. И поэтому мы даем факты, а вы их интерпретируете. НеФакт инфо – инфо для умных людей.

Трудно сказать, что есть на нашем сайте. Зато легко сказать, чего на нашем сайте нет. У нас нет манипулятивных материалов. У нас нет вранья. У нас нет двояко поданных материалов. У нас нет заказухи и джинсы. И это – факт. А все остальное – далеко Не Факт!

I wouldn’t enjoy being in the locker room with someone who had committed domestic violence

Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach joined Norm Hitzges on KTCK AM 1310. Here are some highlights.

Are you revved about the 2015 Cowboys?

Roger Staubach: I think the Cowboys, what happened last year and what direction they’re going in is very good right now. I was really excited last year. I was screamin’ and hollerin’ watching the Green Bay game with our kids. Our kids were yellin’. I still thought Dez made the catch down there. We played great football last year. Last year, their defense got to the middle of the pack, instead of being last the year before. Everybody contributed. You saw the greatness in Tony Romo, which has been there for a long time. But you gotta have other pieces around you. And Dallas has got some really good things going on.

On the Cowboys additions with ‘red flags’?

Roger wholesale cheap nfl jerseys Staubach: Well, it depends on getting a chance to understand the red flags . like the Hardy situation. Charlotte Jones is fantastic. She’s involved with the NFL on the committees. I think she had a hand in trying to understand wholesale jerseys from china that this guy deserves a second chance. I don’t have any tolerance toward domestic violence. If I was making the decision, it probably wouldn’t have been good for the Cowboys. Or I would have understood how they went about it. I wholesale jerseys china just have confidence. I like Jason Garrett a lot. And Stephen Jones is real involved, the family. I think they’re trying to make the right decisions and also get creative and take some chances. Those are tough calls. What goes on in the locker room is very important and how players relate to each other. I wouldn’t really enjoy being in the locker room with someone I knew was a domestic violence person. That’s how I feel. Today you know more about the personal lives of players. Back in the old days, there were some issues. But we never really had a domestic violence, smoking marijuana or . I’m sure it happened though, we just didn’t know about it. I would have really had a hard time with a teammate that you look at as a courageous, tough guy on the football wholesale cheap jerseys field . to abuse a women in any shape or form, there’s just no excuse for it.Articles Connexes: